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Rigakis B.V. | Conserven Vlees en Worst
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Conserven Vlees en Worst


IFANTIS worst Trikalon

400 gram

IFANTIS Worst Village



IFANTIS worst met prei

380 gram

IFANTIS Worst Parizaki


Onassis gehaktballen in tomatensaus

280 gram

IFANTIS Beef Meat with Potatoes

7210810Gehaktballetjes in tomatensausOnasis24x 280 g
7211710Loukanika (sausage) Choriatko (traditionele worst)Ifantis20x 380 g
7211720Parizaki (sausage) knoflookIfantis15x 300 g
7211730Mini sausage (traditionele worst)Ifantis15x 220 g
7211740Loukanika (sausage) MykonosIfantis10x 350 g
7211750Loukanika (sausage) SantoriniIfantis10x 350 g
7211760Loukanika (sausage) SpartaIfantis10x 350 g
7211771Loukanika (sausage) ManiIfantis10x 350 g
721175Loukanika (sausage) TrikalonIfantis20x 380 g
721176Loukanika (sausage) Trikalon traditioneelIfantis20x 400 g
7211780Loukanika (sausage hapjes) Politika boukiesIfantis15x 220 g
7211785Loukanika (sausage) PolitikaIfantis15x 220 g
7211790Mortadela (lunch worst)Ifantis15x 350 g
7211735Loukanikakia (klein sausages)Ifantis15x 220 g
7211800Salami (worst)Ifantis24x 4500 g
7213110Pastrami mix gekruid (pastrouma)Ifantis24x 960 g