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Beschuit hapjes (Paximathaki) Ouzo


Ouzo wholegrain snack with sourdough made of pure ingredients without preservatives.

Produced according to the unigue recipe of the Family Tsiknaki.


Flour, flour kind 70%, salt sesame, yeast.

The company applies the certificates management for food safety ISO 22000

Beschuit mini (Paximadi Kritharenio) volkoren gerst

Barley zwieback with farmer’s sourdough made of pure ingredients without preservatives.

Produces according to the unique recipe of familly Tsiknaki.



Barley wholemeal flour, flour kind 70%, salt water, sourdough, yeast.

The company applies the certificated management for food safety ISO 22000


Nutritional Value   per 100gr  % rec. daily consumption
Energy Value (kcal) 389 19
Protein 10,13 20,3
Carbohydrate 81,15 27,1
Fat 2,70 4,2

Beschuit mini (Paximathaki) met amandel

400 gram

Paximathi(beschuit) Sfakiano

400 gram

8828100Beschuit mini (Paximathaki) met amandelTsiknakisx 400 g
8828120Beschuit mini (Paximathaki ) volkoren rogge SikaleosTsiknakisx 400 g
8828130Beschuit mini (Paximathaki) Mediterraans traditioneelTsiknakisx 350 g
8828150Beschuit hapjes (Paximathaki) OuzoTsiknakisx 450 g
8915160Beschuit mini (Paximadi Kritharenio) volkoren gerstTsiknakisx 400 g
8915170Beschuit (Paximadi Kritharenio) volkoren gerstTsiknakisx 700 g
8915180Beschuit (Paximadi) volkoren MigadiTsiknakisx 700 g
8915190Beschuit (Paximadi) volkoren SterenioTsiknakisx 600 g
8828115Paximathakia (beschuit) Bio van tarwe amandelTsiknakisx 260 g
8828140Paximathi(beschuit) SfakianoTsiknakisx 400 g
8828120Paximathi(beschuit) sinasappelTsiknakisx 450 g
8828130Paximathi (beschuit) sesamTsiknakisx 450 g
8828145Paximatho Eptazymo beschuitTsiknakisx 500 g
8828165Paximathi (beschuit) ladokoulouraTsiknakisx 450 g